Revive is a sustainable fashion brand based on a circular economy model. It focuses on using already existing resources for the production of textiles.
The creation of a business model should support the entry into sustainability and especially into the Circular Economy. The goal here is to break the fast fashion cycle and extend the life of textiles by extracting new collections from old clothing.
Most people see in sustainability a high need for action and great urgency, but do not want to change anything in their lifestyle themselves, because they associate this directly with the terms "renunciation and restriction". Through revive it is possible to optimize one's consumption in a sufficent way without the feeling of renunciation.
Revive is a brand that is lively, young and has fun with life. It convinces with modern and yet timeless fashion, which stands out especially through quality. In addition, revive clears the clichés aside, which say that sustainable fashion is boring or even visually does not correspond to the spirit of the times. The positive environmental aspect is not only transferred to the lifestyle but also to the materials that are used.
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