In cooperation with the car brand Lexus, team Lexperience, Anna Lena Gölz, Christian Mackert and myself, developed a strategy on how to create a unique and unforgettable purchasing experience for the customer by giving the perfect feeling of being the guest of Lexus. Omotenashi.
This strategy is created to increase the presence of Lexus in the usual cityscape and in the users’ mind by offering an Omotenashi experience with the brand.
The outstanding configuration process decentralized the Lexus sales process with cooperating partners such as restaurants and hotels. Thereby the customer touchpoint is put into a more comfortable and pleasant environment. At the same time, the range and the presence of Lexus is expanded.
The DNA of Omotenashi runs through the whole sales process. Thus, the appearance of Lexus is always welcoming, polite, friendly and discrete.
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